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Set in the arts hub of Pittsburgh and one of the best cities for catching the very best live music is none other than the incredible Stage AE. Stage AE not only brings an exciting and unmissable line-up to it’s doors year after year, it also is one of the most impressive multi-purpose venues in the country. With an indoor concert hall and also an outdoor amphitheatre, it’s unique setting makes for a great concert experience without fail.

The venue often creates the perfect place to experience rock bands as the indoor concert hall provides mind blowing lighting as well as flawless sound – from every corner of the room. But Stage AE also celebrates all kinds of music and has given performances from the likes of; Hozier, Skrillex, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic as well as rock acts; Megadeth, Twenty One Pilots, Alice Cooper and so much more…

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stage ae tickets

The large venue provides so many options for seating and standing tickets and can hold a total of 5,500 in the outdoor lawn area, 2,400 inside the music hall, plus an extra 400 in the club area. If you’re heading down to Stage AE to catch your favorite artist then be sure to book your tickets right here!

The Stage AE has can hold over 7,900 people at each event, but even with such high capacity events still sell out! Be sure you get your tickets at the earliest opportunity to ensure you get the best possible seats or location at the venue. When purchasing tickets for the Stage AE ensure you do so directly via this site, otherwise you may end up paying for extortionate service fees or may not be sent genuine tickets! The Stage AE at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a famous venue with a huge line up of popular events throughout the year.

Lawn Tickets

Stage AE is known to be music fans favorite venue in the Pittsburgh area and it’s pretty clear to see why as it provides such a great space to fully emerse yourself in the very best live concerts.
For the summer months at Stage AE, the venue is mostly turned into an outdoor experience to make the most of the weather and give fans a chance to feel like they are at a festival for the entirety of the day/night.
As the venue celebrates music wholeheartedly, you will discover that the sound is one of the best around, even from the outside lawn area. Being a part of the outdoor crowd at Stage AE is one of the most epic experiences, with the impressive stage lights in front of your eyes, you can expect to be blown away by a flawless show.
So why not keep an eye for your favorite singer or band to perform at Stage AE and book your tickets for the outdoor season with Ticket Squeeze!

Premium Seating – VIP

Want to feel like a VIP for the night?! Well with Ticket Squeeze you can!
When booking tickets for the premium seating at Stage AE, you will be gaining an enhanced experience.
If you prefer sitting down to view a concert from a comfortable seat, with plenty of leg room and benefits then the premium seating is the choice for you.
With the incredible layout of the venue, you don’t have to worry about not being able to see from the seating area as the standing area is set at a lower level, giving premium ticket holders the very best view in the house. As well as this, you will gain access to your very own waitress for the evening, who will provide you in seat drinks so that you don’t have to miss a minute of the live performance.
The premium seating also gives you the chance to book tickets for all of your friends and family too so that you don’t have to worry about being separated or loosing your group in the crowd.

stage ae ticket benefits

Low prices & low fees

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Last-minute downloadable tickets

So many of us are leaving things to the last minute more than ever, often we spend time thinking whether or not we should buy tickets to catch our favorite artist when they’re in town… if you want the option to have time to decide or even if you like to plan ahead and make sure that you will 100% be a part of the crowd, you can download your tickets at the last-minute with Ticket Squeeze.
This incredible free added service is a popular choice with concert goers as it gives the freedom and ease and avoids having to print a physical ticket copy.

If you purchase your tickets with the downloadable option, you will receive an email shortly after from Ticket Squeeze with your E-ticket attached. All you have to do is download it straight onto your mobile device and you are good to go.
Turn up on the event night with your E-ticket ready and you will be welcomed by the friendly staff at Stage AE who will check your pass and allow you into the venue.

PLEASE REMEMBER: You will need to show your e-ticket at the event doors at Stage AE, if for any reason you cannot provide it, we cannot guarantee entry. To ensure a stress-free start to your evening, make sure your phone is fully charged before arrival.

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Another reason to book your Stage AE tickets with Ticket Squeeze is the fact that you will be covered in case anything changes or goes wrong with your upcoming event.

We know that sometimes events may not go as planned and can be cancelled or postponed, when this happens there’s nothing worse than realising that you have lost out on the money for your booking.
Ticket Squeeze have made sure to put a cancellation and refund policy in place to ensure all customers are satisfied and feel at ease with the service they provide.

If for any reason your upcoming event at Stage AE has been cancelled, you will receive an email quickly after the cancelation has been confirmed, detailing your refund and when to expect it back into your account.
If the event you were planning on attending has been postponed, there’s no need to worry – Ticket Squeeze will again send you an email detailing the date that the event has been moved to and your original tickets will still be valid for entry.

PLEASE DO REMEMBER: The above guarantees are ONLY for tickets purchased with our preferred ticket seller; Ticket Squeeze.

If you purchase your Stage AE tickets elsewhere, we cannot guarantee the above information. ALWAYS make sure to double check the price and read any ticket terms & conditions thoroughly to ensure tickets are 100% authentic.

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