Stage AE Rules

Stage AE is dedicated to keeping every guest safe during their visit. To help this, they’ve created the following set of guidelines and policies. We always suggest contacting the venue directly to get the most up to date rules and policies.

Please take a moment to read and review these rules as guests found in violation may be expelled without refund or banned. If you have any questions you may call the following number Monday – Friday 2pm – 6pm: (412) 229-5483

All-Ages Policy

This venue is an all-ages venue. So please keep behavior appropriate and assume that children may be watching.

Camera Policy

The camera policy is set by the artist. Generally, we prohibit professional cameras, recording devices or external flash/lighting. Many artists will allow you to bring a disposable or small digital camera. If you have a question about the camera policy for a specific show, please contact us.

Door Policy

The time listed on your ticket is the time that the doors will open for the show. Live music will usually start about an hour after the doors open, but that’s always subject to change. Also, the venue staff don’t usually know the set times, that’s up to the bands to decide.

Bag Policy

The following bags are allowed within the venue:

Backpacks are not allowed within the venue for any reason.

Children Policy

Patrons three years or older need a ticket to attend events. Due to the nature of Stage AE events, we do not recommend bringing small children, but if you do, please bring adequate ear protection.

Medication Policy

We recommend that if a prescription medication is necessary you only bring the medication in a quantity appropriate to the amount of time you will be visiting. Please bring it in a sealed package with the printed prescription label. If at all possible, please bring a copy of the written prescription. Be aware that photo identification may be requested by security or authorities upon entry.

Non-Gendered Restroom Policy

There are two family and non-gendered restroom facilities available inside the venue and upon request. Please check with a member of our guest services staff and they can direct you.

There is also a non-gendered restroom available outdoors at the back of the lawn, near the Lyft Gate.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed at the venue. Please leave them at home.

Some prohibited items can be requested by artists performing at the venue. Please contact the venue on the day of the event you are attending if you have any questions about items you can bring to the venue.

Prohibited items must be returned to your vehicle or discarded. Prohibited items will not be kept or stored on venue property. Anything placed outside of our gates or fence will be discarded or removed by authorities.

Stage AE reserves the right to deny drugs that are unlabeled, unidentifiable, in large quantities or for reasons otherwise cited by security/management.

Re-Entry Policy

Stage AE events have a “no re-entry” policy, which means once you enter, you cannot leave and re-enter. There are food and beverages available on-site, as well as an ATM.

Smoking Policy

Indoor shows are non-smoking including but not limited to e-cigs, vapes, etc. in accordance to Allegheny County law.