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Zoso – Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

Stage AE

ZOSO-mania in Pennsylvania! Get ready for a night of nostalgia as the tribute band Zoso rocked the nights out of Pennsylvania for their show “Zoso - the Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience” on Saturday, January 27, 2024 at Stage AE, Pittsburgh. Known by their accurate renditions of the best Led Zeppelin classics, they are bound to bring back the 70’s vibe of rock as they perform the best songs of Mighty Zep in front of the fans. Recognized as one of the best Led Zeppelin tribute bands, ZOSO will show the iconic timbre, crisp, and power of the iconic band’s music as they rammed the center stage all night.The band is composed of the original casts including Matt Jernigan and Adam Sandling And the new bloods Bevan Davies and James Rotondi that will bring a Zep-erb experience for all. Join the zep experience and don't miss out on the jam sessions for you to take. Grab your tickets now!

ZOSO marks Pennsylvania’s map as they prepare for a Led Zeppelin-inspired live performance on their tour "ZOSO - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience” on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at Stage AE, Pittsburgh. Known for their distinct tone and powerful stage personality, the band will bring the ZOSO experience to the Pennsylvanian fans as they relive the golden tunes of Led Zeppelin.

ZOSO portrays the epiphany of timeless and boundless music as they show they are running strong with 28 years in the industry and performing for over 4,500 shows. Despite the disbandment of Led Zeppelin in 1980, this became an inspiration for the band to pick up the mic, guitars, and drumsticks to summon Zep's music as a tribute to the fans. The dedication to not just mimic the iconic band’s music but also portray the band’s character on stage through their costumes earned its reputation as one of the best Led Zeppelin tribute bands for the L.A Times.

The band’s frontman Matt Jernigan portraying Led Zeppelin’s vocalist Robert Plant, along with the members Adam Sandling (John Paul Jones) and the new blood Bevan Davies (John Bonham), and James Rotondi (Jimmy Page) will star the night of Led Zeppelin experience. The mix of the Led Zeppelin sound and the ZOSO’s rendition will not just make the Led Zeppelin fans come back but also lure the younger generations to the music they must never look out for.

The concert will feature the best Led Zeppelin songs including the award-winning and charting tracks like Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir, and Trampled Under Foot. With their vision of power, skill, and spontaneity that describes a Led Zeppelin night, ZOSO will roll the blues and funk for this night of total nostalgic experience.

“[ZOSO is] the closest to the original of any Led Zeppelin tribute,” said by the Chicago Sun-Times as they describe the music of ZOSO's iconic portrayal of the mighty band.

Stage AE will house the night of the Zep tribute as the ZOSO sparks the 5,500 fans with the blues. Built with a rock n’ roll ambiance, the venue will fit the ZOSO persona to deliver the Ultimate Led Zeppelin experience. Don't miss the dates and secure your tickets now before it runs out!

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