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William Black is on a roll! The rising EDM star is proud to announce his biggest tour yet, following the release of his newest album, "The Nature of Hope". Launching his headlining tour in full swing, the man is jet-set to share his own sonic sanctuary with new productions and visuals that'll complement like no other. He's definitely the next big thing. As he solidifies his sound, we've got big news for you. William Black is taking The Nature of Hope 2024 Tour to Stage AE on Saturday, March 23, and you're surely up for an electric night. You can expect to hear his newest hit - "Straight into the Ground", "Lie", "Beautiful Nothing" and "My Own Advice" alongside all-time crowd-favorite hits. It's an electrifying night, for sure. Known for his big and emotional melodies, it's all about the feels. As one of EDM's next big thing, witness the man's talent and hard-hitting shows on his biggest tour yet. Book your tickets now!

EDM artist and producer William Black is back! With a new album, "The Nature of Hope", exploring beauty amidst imperfection, the man's dedication to blending deep themes with his big and bright progressive beats and melodies hit the spot. His newest hits - "Straight into the Ground", "Lie", "Beautiful Nothing" and "My Own Advice" have got the crowd vibing and raving to his new record. Now, he's proud to announce the biggest tour of his career yet, kicking off in 2024.

"I am insanely hyped to be doing my biggest tour yet with a brand new album, production & visuals," Black shared on social media.

"The Nature of Hope" follows the man's duo of successful albums "Pages" and "Pieces". Having grown a massive following since his 2019 debut LP and his 2020 hit "Back to U" with Slander, the man never disappoints. Strengthening his acclaimed sound infused with themes of love, addiction, and wellness, the album features some tracks that hit hard, resonating with every listener.

With tracks such as "Straight into the Ground" and "Enemy" weaving longing and closure over past relationships, Black's hard hitters tie around melodies that represent his signature sonic character, resonating bass in progressive beats. Moreover, his ability to blend striking lyrics into powerful beat drops.

Over his trio of successful albums, Black's been able to bring people together into his sonic universe. The Nature of Hope shares volumes of emotion, exuding a mission of finding strength and hope amidst imperfection. Carrying on with his signature sonic landscape of uplifting melodies, every track holds the power to heal and speak to one's soul.

Having kicked off the decade with one of his biggest hits "Back to U" with Slander, expectations were set high. The man definitely proved that he's got what it takes to make it big in the industry. William Black has collaborated with some of EDM's biggest names, including Nurko, Haliene, SKYLR, and ILLENIUM.

As The Nature of Hope continues to heal and uplift, get ready for his massive rave parties kicking off 2024 by booking your tickets now.

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