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Fancy like oh! American country singer-songwriter WALKER HAYES just announced his newest headlining tour. The SAME DRUNK TOUR will take the "Country Stuff" artist headlining major cities across the country, kicking it off this summer. Part of the tour is a stop at Stage AE on Friday, June 21st. Turning the summer heat right up with a new tour, the Alabama native is bound to throw a massive celebration, and it's the 'same drunk goodness of his best hits and new anthems - "You Broke Up with Me", "U Gurl", "AA", 90's Country", "Fancy Like", "Good With Me", and many more. Ya'll definitely love Hayes' country-pop madness that hits right home. As his viral record "Country Stuff the Album" and new album "New Money" continues to surf the charts with its fan-favorite hits, the singer bagged a Platinum certification from the RIAA. This year, Hayes looks forward to sharing that 'same drunk vibes on stage as his all-out country hits dominate the stage. Get 'fancy like never before by scoring yourself some Walker Hayes tix now!

Coming to you live at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Walker Hayes is hitting the stage at Stage AE. The country-pop icon is bringing the SAME DRUNK TOUR across the country, set to perform his best hits and all-time fan favorites. Dominating the scene with his viral hit single "Fancy Like" and its remix featuring Kesha, the man marked his journey towards country music stardom. Now, the man has a new album out and about, "New Money", and it's his most honest work yet - taking listeners into his living room, sharing new tales about where is family is today.

Singing "Nashville made us even broker/ Two jobs, still playing the joker/ Guess I learned to dream the hard way," the man surely shines with his honest storytelling and melodies that hit right home. "And so will my sons and so will my daughters/ 'Cause they get good night kisses from a father like mine/ Who followed his heart/ Instead of the shine and New money, like it's gold, honey/"

This honesty and vulnerability is seen across the 8-track album, reflecting what a simple man the 'fancy like' singer actually is. Wanting his family and everyone to be happy, his heart never changed, and he remains driven to make music that narrates his utter joys and inspirations in life.

Hayes shared that his new album is something very personal. "Honestly, music is very therapeutic," he shared with Nasdaq. "The hard times that I encountered, I kind of was able to pour that into my music,"

By heart, Walker Hayes is an artist, one who pours everything out into song. "Honestly, what keeps me motivated is just a love of writing a song. I have a love for my fans. For the whole process of music. I have an opportunity to make something out of nothing," he said. Now, it's his fans that keep him going, his fans that fuel his passion to turn his life stories into songs that listeners can relate to.

In more recent news, Walker Hayes just released his new EP "Sober Thoughts", sharing another round of personal tracks, sharing his experience with sobriety. "I’ve been sober for 8 years," Hayes shares via a press release from RCA. "During that time, I’ve gone through countless ups and downs, and I’m always proud to share songs that celebrate the highs, and make people feel less alone in the lows. We’re all in this together, and that’s what this project, and this tour, are all about."

With viral hits and a new album up his sleeve, Hayes is set to share his new stories and crowd-favorite hits on the live stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

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