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Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Umphrey's McGee

Are you ready for an evening of genre-blending music and improvisations that will blow your mind? You are definitely in the right place because you will have the chance to secure early tickets for Umphrey's McGee's 2024 tour. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, this is your chance to jam along the famous sextet as they bring their 2024 tour to Stage AE. Kick off your February with a bang, and immerse yourself in a show that is filled with progressive rock, funk, and jazz. If you haven't been to Umphrey's McGee's show, it is safe to say that you are missing a lot! This tour is also a memorable one as the Indiana-based band will welcome back their drummer, Kris Myers, after recovering from his surgery last year. Come for the music and stay for the camaraderie. Don't wait for next year to purchase your tickets. Secure yours now by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

Umphrey's McGee is a pioneering jam band known for their rock style that infuses experimental sounds from jazz, funk, metal, and progressive rock. Since the start of their career, they have built a reputation as an ambitious improvisational band. Versatility is a central part of their music, and it put them up in the ranks of the best jam bands of the late 90s and early 2000s. Aging like a fine wine, they continue to expand their discography by releasing bangers. They have released 14 albums, and people still ask for more.

The band was formed in 1997. While studying at the University of Notre Dame, guitarist Brendan Bayliss, Jeff Topp, keyboardist Joel Cummins, drummer Mike Miro, and bassist Ryan Stasik decided to merge their bands. They then started to do small concerts, performing their own songs and singing covers of popular rock bands of the time. Eight months after their formation, they released their debut album, "Greatest Hits Vol. III." This allowed them to reach more audiences. To cater to their growing prominence in the jam band scene, they added one member - percussionist Andy Farag. In just a few months after their release, they already have become the most popular band in their area.

In 1998, they debuted their live album "Songs for Older Women." A year later, guitarist Jake Cinninger joined the band, which would refine their Umphrey's McGee sound that is distinctly their own. This would also be the time that they extensively improved their improvisation and created their own way of approaching jam. By 2004, they already are breaking into the mainstream as they dropped their next album, "Anchor Drops." Drummer Kris Myers would also become their latest member.

In 2006, they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in support of their album "Safety in Numbers." They were also performing in major festivals. "The Bottom Half" immediately followed the last album, released in the same year. Nine more albums followed the first releases. "Asking For a Friend" is their most recent, which came out in 2022.

Umphrey's McGee will headline a tour next year. One of their performances is at the Stage AE on February 1. Tickets are now available!

Umphrey's McGee at Stage AE

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