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Tori Kelly just announced the second leg of her headlining PURPLE SKIES Tour, in support of her newest self-titled LP "TORI." The "Nobody Love" hitmaker will be hitting the stage across North America, with a special stop at Stage AE on Monday, October 14th. Painting skies purple, she's all set to celebrate milestones of healing and growth with all of her fans. You can expect the Grammy Award-winning artist to perform her biggest hits and her new music, including "Missin U", "Cut", "Young Gun featuring Jon Bellino, "High Water", and "Thing U Do". As her first album in four years since 2019's Inspired by True Events, and 2020's "A Tori Kelly Christmas", the R&B goddess is set to conquer the stage with her soaring vocals, with a multitude of stories to tell. She sure is one of music's brightest stars, for her unique groove and powerful storytelling. Don't miss out on the PURPLE SKIES Tour by booking your tickets now!

Tori Kelly has unveiled her new album in its full glory. Teasing a preview of what to expect with a new album through 2023's "Tori" EP, her newest self-titled LP wins everyone's heart as she shares songs of healing and growth, embracing an R&B sound. It's her first album in four years, following 2020's "A Tori Kelly Christmas" and 2019's deeply-personal "Inspired by True Events".

As "TORI." conquers global airwaves, she's taking the record for a live spin at her comeback headlining "PURPLE SKIES " Tour. The new album shares her amazing talent - soaring vocals and lyrical tales tuned to an R&B sonic space. Her newest hits include "Missin U", "Cut", "Young Gun featuring Jon Bellino, "High Water", and "Thing U Do".

Embracing R&B in the new album, Tori has shared her thoughts on where she stands genre-wise. In a conversation with Grammy Awards, she shared how she's been exploring different sonic influences in her previous records, and hope that fans like it. "But at the same time, when I listen back, I see a through line: my voice. That has always been what connects my music and these different styles I love and are authentic to me. The way I sing and what I bring to a song is the grounds for everything," she said via Grammy Awards.

Her hit single "missin u" explores her signature bubbly-pop and R&B sound, largely inspired by the Y2K era. She also took a turn by switching her iconic blonde hair for a brunette hairdo, unleashing a vibrant era for the artist's visuals.

"This song is about missing somebody, but it's also, just so inspired by the early 2000s, late '90s. We wanted to make sure that we got that nostalgic feeling both in the lyrics and in the music," she told PEOPLE.

Back to the conversation with Grammy Awards, "I want to show versions of myself that have always been there but I haven't been able to express yet," she explains. Now that we've got our hands on the new album, she definitely unleashed all that she's got, embracing who she is as an artist, and sharing her journey towards healing and growth. "So growing from that, having a lot of healing, being in love and just wanting to express that feeling — this new wave of confidence..." she told Billboard.

Now, we're all here celebrating this new era, painting the skies purple as Tori Kelly heads back to the road.

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