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The man behind some of the world's best Minecraft videos and live streams is hitting the stage. Following the YouTuber and Twitch streamer's successful UK tour, with billions of views globally, TommyInnit is launching his first-ever "HOW TO BE A BILLIONAIRE" USA Tour. With the help of his friends Jack Manifold and Badlinu, everyone's in for a wild ride, with his comedic tales sharing how he became one of the richest YouTubers to exist. Part of his groundbreaking comedy trek is a special night at Stage AE on Saturday, April 13 of a wildin' new year. Uploading videos under his TommyInnit persona since 2018, the young star continues to spread joy and laughter through his Minecraft-themed videos and other hilarious content. The tour will kick off this spring, sharing his quirky antics throughout April. As the man's first-ever US tour, take part in this milestone by booking your tickets now!

TommyInnit is one of the world's highly sought-after YouTubers and Twitch streamers for his quirky and engaging Minecraft content. Having been active on YouTube since 2013, his TommyInnit persona arrived in 2018, amassing massive success with over 14 million subscribers to date. Over the last two years, he embarked on his first tours across the UK, "TommyInnit & Friends" in 2022 and "Annoying At First" in 2023.

Now, he just announced his first-ever U.S. tour, "HOW TO BE A BILLIONAIRE". He'll be joined by special guests Jack Manifold and Badlinu, unveiling his tips and tricks to become the most successful and richest YouTuber ever. Taking his charming personality and hilarious antics to the stage, it's bound to be one heck of a wild night with the boys.

With over 50 million subscribers and followers across all of his platforms, the man's achievements are definitely noteworthy. He surpassed one billion views on YouTube at just the age of 17, raved by fans across the world for his chaotic energy and wild antics.

"Becoming internet famous at 16 is one of the craziest things to go through," TommyInnit shared in a statement. I met some of my best friends, turned my hobby into my dream job but also got doxxed. So this show is my way of telling that story. And the title? The media seem obsessed with how much money I make, so I also wanted to take the piss out of that."

TommyInnit began streaming on Twitch in 2018, regularly sharing his Minecraft and "Just Chatting" streams. The man won the world's heart for his engaging, hilarious, and chaotic energy in every stream. His YouTube channel also takes fans on his wild adventures, getting everyone hooked for more. Attendees of his previous UK tours were delighted to witness his energy live on stage, sharing that it's the best day of their lives.

As he continues to become even more famous, he's been nitpicking how everyone's been obsessed with how much money he makes... well now he's bound to "take a piss out of that" and bring it to the stage.

Don't miss out on TommyInnit's "HOW TO BE A BILLIONAIRE" USA Tour by booking your tickets now!

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