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Is psychedelic, alternative rock your kind of music? Do you like the excitement brought about by invigorating music? Are you easily drawn to energetic live performances?

If yes, then you are about to scream your head off because The Flaming Lips is coming to Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 20, 2024, Saturday!

From being outsiders in Oklahoma to being one of the most respected bands of the twenty-first century by the middle of the 1990s, The Flaming Lips draws more fans with their extravagant live shows, which usually include animal suits, puppets, streamers, video projections, and intricate stage light arrangements. They have become well known for their opulent, multi-layered compositions, ethereal lyrics, and peculiar song titles.

Their weird, brilliant vibe is addicting. Each show is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience. It’s not surprising that tickets to this concert are already running out.

Jump in the eclectic experience and grab your tickets here! You surely do not want to miss out on this wild night!

American psychedelic rock group The Flaming Lips was founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1983. The current lineup of the band includes Wayne Coyne (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards), Derek Brown (guitars, keyboards, percussion), Matt Duckworth Kirksey (keyboards, percussion, drums), and Nicholas Ley (drums, percussion). Steven Drozd (bass, guitars, keyboards, drums, vocals). Since 1991, Coyne and Drozd have been the only stable members of the band; when bassist and keyboardist Michael Ivins left in 2021, Coyne is the only surviving founding member.

The band's name choice is the subject of multiple speculations. It could have been influenced by the 1953 feature film Geraldine, which features comedian Stan Freberg singing a number of songs, including "Flaming Lips." What a Way to Go!, a 1964 Shirley MacLaine movie, is still another potential source. which features Gene Kelly's character in the Flaming Lips movie. But according to an article in Rolling Stone from September 16, 1993, Mark and Wayne thought of the name in connection to a story of a classmate who got cunnilingus from a partner who had cold sores that were still alive and developed genital herpes. Wayne said:

“When Mark and I were in, I think it was Junior Year in High School, there was a rumor about this girl who got herpes from this guy at a party. He went down on her with a cold sore. I don't think we knew the girl, and I'm not sure if she even existed, you know how kids just spread bullshit. But when we were thinking of band names one night over a pack of Schlitz and some left-handed cigarettes and remembered how we joked that they both had "Flaming Lips" and it just stuck.”

In 2002, Q Magazine named them as one of the “50 Bands to See Before You Die.”

In 2003, the Flaming Lips won their first Grammy Award for their single Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia). With six Grammy nominations and three awards (including Best Rock Instrumental Performance), the band’s music has proven to be one of a kind and invigorating, drawing the loyalty and attention of their fans.

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