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The Descendents & Circle Jerks

Stage AE

Are you bored, punk? Looking for some gigs to attend later this year, are you? If that sounds like you, make your way over to Stage AE on September 11th because Descendents and Circle Jerks will be performing. Witness punk rock royalty in the flesh and mosh to some killer instrumentals that punks have adored for decades now. Because believe me, they have the hits. So, what are you waiting for? Catch them this fall, buy your tickets now.

Descendents have been rocking California since 1977 and have since traveled the world spreading rage-fueled energy all over the place. As far as iconic punk bands go, Descendents are IT. With “Milo Goes to College” they cemented themselves as punk rock legends and have been rocking out ever since. Their iconic cover art and incredibly influential sound has affected punk music in profound ways. Wanna rock out with Milo and the gang? See them perform live right here in Pittsburgh - get your tickets today!

The Descendents & Circle Jerks Tickets from $63

What do two Californian punk bands have in common? Well, aside from just being geographically close, Circle Jerks are just as iconic and influential within the hardcore scene as Descendents are. Los Angeles born and raised, Circle Jerks make a living causing chaos across the land… and by that I mean they perform crappy punk music that has been devoured by fans for decades. Fronted by former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris, the band has done just as much for punk culture, sound, and style as the Descendents have. But why choose, right? So get your ass online and order these tickets to see them both!!!

There are quite a few albums that are pivotal within the punk scene - albums that changed the trajectory of hardcore punk’s sound and changed how fans enjoyed the music. “Milo Goes to College” is one of them. With Descendents, their music is both more hardcore and more pop-y. They were one of the first bands to experiment with pop punk. But at the same time, they were super hardcore and contributed largely to hardcore punk’s rise in California. Bands such as Green Day, The Offspring, and blink-182 would not be where they are today without the contributions of previous hardcore Californian bands like Descendents. Care to pay your respects to these punk legends? Then get tickets for their upcoming Pittsburg show right now!!

With all that being said, there is equal respect and admiration within the punk community for Circle Jerks. Circle Jerks were huge back in the day, and die hard fans are still in their corner to this day. With the release of their debut album, “Group Sex,” they changed the game, and continued to do so for years to come.

Both Descendents and Circle Jerks have had an incredible impact on the California punk scene, hardcore punk, and music in general. See them both live to hear iconic classics and lesser known hidden gems as you mosh for your life. With these two, things are bound to get crazy. Get your tickets right now - or you’ll be missing out.

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