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Local legends The Clarks are headed back home to Pittsburgh this summer to put on a show! The group, which was formed out of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has been going strong since the mid-80s, is set to play their greatest hits at Stage AE on Saturday, the 22nd of June 2024. Some very catchy soft rock is what concertgoers can expect from this hometown band. It’s true, though, that they’ve been able to adjust their style as the years have gone by.

The Clarks will be joined by another local band Tiny Wars, who will serve as the opening act. This could be an interesting pairing. Tiny Wars describes themselves as a “hard pop” band. The label certainly fits the music the band’s been putting out in the last few years. They’ll hype up the crowd with their single “I Don’t Care.” For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the band, their style is very 90s British hard pop.

Scott Blasey and the boys don’t have such a busy summer ahead of them. The show at Stage AE is one of the few appearances they’ll make in the coming months. They're betting on their hometown crowd to make the show memorable for the band. It could be one of the last times, though, that they get a chance to perform in Pittsburgh. To make sure that you’re among the crowd, click the “Get tickets” link and be ready to step back into the band's glory days.

The Clarks are one of the few bands born in the 80s that have remained almost intact throughout their entire history. Part of that may have been the fact that they really didn’t take off until the early 90s. The influence from that era shows in the works that they’ve put together over the years. With vocals and guitar lines more relevant to those times and not necessarily as high pitch as a typical 80s band. This style allowed them to continue releasing albums into the 2000s.

Another Happy Ending, the band’s sixth album, included a song that was a tribute to the victims of the September 11th attacks. This album peaked at 143 in the Billboard’s top 200. In 2004, the band was booked to play on The Late Show with David Letterman, where they performed “Hell on Wheels.” While their national fame may have peaked around that time as well, they’ve always been local favorites.

In fact, they were one of the first bands slated to play at Stage AE, where they will perform on June 22nd. At the time, the band was playing their 2000th live show as a group! That was way back in 2010. The Pittsburgh Penguins also commissioned them to play a version of the classic “What A Wonderful World.” All of this has allowed the band to cement itself as part of the local lore in Pittsburgh. That’s likely going to show at Stage AE in June. They’re really one of the most beloved local bands in the area.

Anyone headed to Stage AE on June 22nd will want to get there before the show starts to grab a spot near the stage—unless, of course, you decide to buy one of the platinum seating options. The entire area right next to the stage is all standing room, and there are no set arrangements. For the Clarks concert, it’s going to be a first-come, first-serve type of deal. Getting there early also ensures that you’re able to catch Tiny Wars in the opening act. The night promises to be a very local affair that could turn out to be one of the last times these hometown heroes take the stage.

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