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Wednesday evening on August 14 won’t be an ordinary one as the rock-reggae royalties Sublime with Rome ignite the iconic Stage AE with their highly-anticipated show. The California-based hitmakers will transform the famous Pittsburgh venue into a collective celebration of their success as a band. The show is part of the band's Farewell Tour, which sadly brings an end to a decade of keeping the Sublime legacy alive. We know that is heartbreaking. If you are a fan of the band, this might be a punch in the gut, knowing that this is the final goodbye for the reggae-rock hitmakers — but don’t be emotional because this historic night will be filled with nothing but fun and excitement. It may be an emotional show, but it will be guaranteed to bring you up to your feet. You will surely witness Rome Ramirez, Eric Wilson, Joe Tomino, and the rest of their touring band give out their best in performing their hits, including “Take It or Leave It," "Wherever You Go," "Wicked Heart," "Sirens,” and many others. Get your tickets and be one of the lucky audience members to experience one of their final performances as a group. Tickets are available here, and be sure to reserve yours before they run out.

There is always a certain sadness for fans when their favorite artists announce a farewell tour. Whether it is because of creative differences that groups disband, or an artist is embarking on a different path, or maybe it is time to hang on the hat for good due to age or health reasons, saying goodbye to the artists we love and has been part of our lives is just but heartbreaking. A few bands and artists announced their farewell tour this year, including Oak Ridge Boys, Foreigner, Gladys Knight, Sum 41, and Sublime with Rome. The latter may come as a surprise for their fans, who have been enjoying their music for over a decade already.

When the original lead Bradley Nowell died in 1996, fans knew that Sublime would never be the same band they loved. However, that did not stop the remaining band members from continuing their music legacy. Fast forward to 2010, former members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson collaborated with a young talent Rome Ramirez. Thus, the birth of “Sublime with Rome,” a fitting name that honors Sublime’s legacy and highlighting the new singer and his amazing talent.

Although their initial venture was met with some criticisms and legal battles, the band powered through and showed a style that was completely theirs. They may be always compared to the original band, but they showed their distinct style — earning respect even from the most die-hard Sublime fans. Their creativity was evident in their 2011 debut album "Yours Truly.” In this album, the band demonstrated their ability top mix several genres, including punk rock, alternative rock, ska punk, hip-hop, and many others. “Panic,” “Take It Or Leave It,” “You Better Listen,” and “Lovers Rock,” were few of the hits that stood out in the album, and which ultimately showed their power as a band.

The band's roster has changed multiple times, most recently with their drummer Carlos Verdugo's departure in 2023. They recently released an EP called "Tangerine Skies,” featuring the new drummer Joe Tomino. Although the band is doing well, lead singer Rome Ramirez announced his departure at the end of 2024, much to their fans’ dismay. Eric Wilson also made his decision to leave the band public. However, as much as the heartbreaking news shocked their fans, they promised that they are ending things with a bang. And what is better than ending it with a farewell tour, right?

“I’m beyond excited to announce our upcoming farewell tour! Get ready for an epic night filled with not only the Sublime hits but a special focus on never-before-heard SWR originals,” expressed Rome in a press statement.

The 35-year-old lead vocalist guarantees his fans that this concert is a “unique opportunity to celebrate the incredible journey” of the band. Be part of this historic event as SWR stops at Stage AE on August 14. Get your tickets now.

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