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There’s a thin line between science and music - and these guys have got it all figured out! Cosmic rockers Starset are heading to Stage AE on Monday, April 15th! The sonic sci-fi adventure continues this spring with their brief Immersion: The Final Chapter Tour that crosses twenty-two venues across North America. Depicted in a dystopian future, this latest “demonstrations” set marks the official conclusion to narrative arcs built up from their previous multimedia experiences, including music, videos, and live performances. In addition to two Grammy nominations, the Ohio natives have also been recognized as nominees for three Alternative Press Music Awards. Some of their popular singles also include the platinum-certified track “My Demons,” “Monster,” and “Carnivore.” Be there as their progressive rock hits take off at the celestial Stage AE, a local favorite known for delivering flawless concert experiences, no matter the event! Grab your tickets now for a zero-gravity jam session with Starset Live in Pittsburgh!

Slip into your space suits because Starset is going live on April 15th at Stage AE as part of their Immersion: The Final Chapter spring tour! The run starts in Nashville on April 6th, covering several prominent U.S. stadiums in Dallas, Seattle, Houston, and more before concluding in Chicago on May 16th.

Hailing from Columbus, Starset is a two-time Grammy-nominated American rock band featured in soundtracks for popular action films like Need for Speed and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Their genre is often described to be “out of this world” as it combines hard rock and electronic influences, exploring the complex connection between music and science. Released nearly a decade ago, their first album, Transmissions, achieved considerable success with songs such as “Monster,” “My Demons,” and “Carnivore,” becoming instant hits for progressive rock fans.

Moreover, the group’s performances, referred to as “demonstrations,” have faithfully maintained a space-themed narrative since the start of their touring. Lead vocalist Dustin Bates often plays from behind a keyboard that is similar to a command center, while his bandmates wear space suits as they perform their style of melodically heavy rock.

“Cascading cubes of LEDs, giving the set a sort of virtual surrealism, meant there was a lot of visual trickery going on. It was also quite refreshing for a band to do their set and go without either ‘the surprise’ of an encore or making a point of saying that you’re not going to do an encore - it made the show all feel a little more immersive and impermanent.”

In addition, Bates recently announced the release date for his second novel, A Brief History of the Future, which will be published on April 8th, concurrent with the tour’s launch. The book is a follow-up to his debut, “The PROX Transmissions,” a Starset-themed graphic novel released in collaboration with Marvel Comics.

Fittingly, this modern musical space odyssey is scheduled to play at the futuristic Stage AE - a venue at the forefront of technology boasting an innovative reversible stage and top-tier acoustical systems. Ready for take-off? Secure your tickets with rocket speed and watch Starset live on April 15th!

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