Social Distortion & Bad Religion at The Stage AE

Social Distortion & Bad Religion Tickets

Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Social Distortion & Bad Religion

Come springtime, you have the opportunity to experience the baddest, most coveted old-school punk extravaganza! Two legendary acts, Social Distortion and Bad Religion, join forces for this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle – it's a co-headlining spring tour! Hitting over 28 cities, the much-awaited outing will make a stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Can you believe it?! Two prominent purveyors of '80s punk rock will make their way to Stage AE and deliver their iconic hits! Catch Social Distortion and Bad Religion as they perform their career-spanning staples on Friday, 10th May 2024! Expect some high-powered sets, incredible showmanship, and outstanding music as Social Distortion and Bad Religion bring the house down! When you two bands who basically jump-started the ‘80s punk movement share a single stage in one night, you should be there! Don’t miss out on this epic gig by securing tickets to see Social Distortion and Bad Religion at Stage AE!

It’s an excellent season to bang your heads and go berserk as two revered punk bands join together to deliver fans a magnificent, magnanimous tour! Yes, when you’re a punk rock fan, Bad Religion’s and Social Distortion’s co-headlining tour is the gift that keeps on giving! These two iconic groups have been credited for pioneering the ‘80s punk rock movement, along with a few titular bands. Rock music would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for their outstanding hits, like “Story of My Life,” “Prison Bound,” “Ball and Chain,” “21st Century (Digital Boy),” “Punk Rock Song,” and the list goes on. Imagine seeing these two bands share a stage in one single night. Yes, it’s totally happening! And they’re making a stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Punk rock fans can rejoice as these two powerhouses take over Stage AE on Friday 10th, May 2024! Expect a high-caliber show as Social Distortion and Bad Religion perform their career-spanning hits. Also, fans can anticipate an adrenaline-pumped crowd as this significant gig, which is a history in the bring the house down. Moreover, fans can also expect a plethora of amazing staples as the bands cover their whole catalog for this gig. Social Distortion is highly to perform hits from their debut effort, Mommy’s Little Monster, all the way to their latest album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. Meanwhile, Bad Religion has notably dropped 17 highly-acclaimed albums since the release of their debut, How Could Hell Be Any Worse? So you can look forward to a fully packed setlist on show day!

A highly adrenaline-filled concert featuring Social Distortion and Bad Religion can only be hosted by a state-of-the-art venue like Stage AE. The multi-purpose complex is complete with an outdoor and indoor facility and can accommodate up to 5,000 pax. Attendees can also enjoy a great aural and visual experience thanks to Stage AE’s top-tier lights and sound technology. Lastly, the venue is equipped with excellent facilities and great customer service. Consider this a fantastic night out that you deserve! So treat yourself by scoring tickets to see Social Distortion and Bad Religion at Stage AE on Friday 10th, May 2024!

Social Distortion & Bad Religion at Stage AE

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