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Napoleon Dynamite - Film and Conversation Tickets

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Napoleon Dynamite - Film and Conversation

Who hasn’t seen Napoleon Dynamite?! I think pretty much everyone who is not living under a rock knows about this film, and whether you’ve seen it or not, you know that Napoleon Dynamite has turned into a cultural phenomenon! There is a great reason why this critically acclaimed comedy film has conquered the Internet with memes and references - it’s truly an icon that deserves to be watched over and over again! As the highly rated independent film about an awkward teenager reaches its 20th anniversary, Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will host a one-of-a-kind film viewing plus discussion with the stars themselves, including lead actor Jon Heder, with Efren Ramirez and Jon Gries! See this once-in-a-lifetime event on Thursday, 18th April 2024, as Napoleon Dynamite - Film and Conversation gives you a lowdown on pivotal moments and behind-the-scene trivia! It’s the film conversation you won't want to miss! So hurry and secure tickets now and catch Napoleon Dynamite - Film and Conversation at Stage AE on Thursday, 18th April 2024!

The indie classic has made millions laugh with its socially awkward and hilarious scenes! But who couldn't relate to this highly coveted film that showed the inner teenager in all of us?! Napoleon Dynamite epitomizes the awkwardness in teenage years as the 16-year-old lead character Napoleon, played by Jon Heder, goes through high school and experiences several dilemmas – such as befriending an immigrant who's planning to be class president and developing a romantic relationship with a fellow student. The film, written and directed by Jared Hess, was based on Hess’ short film Peluca. It debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in the winter of 2004 and later aired in the summer in all theaters in North America. Napoleon Dynamite was a phenomenal hit, grossing over $46.1 million at the box office against a $400,000 filming budget.

Napoleon Dynamite is a titular character that many can relate to. He has to deal with numerous bullies, tries to make friends, and asks a girl he likes out on a date. The film won numerous awards, including Best Feature Film at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, as well as winning three MTV Movie Awards, including Breakthrough Male Performance for Jon Heder. Other prestigious accolades include the Golden Trailer Award for Best Comedy, four Golden Satellite Awards, and a Film Discovery Jury Award. Moreover, Napoleon Dynamite was also ranked number 14 on Bravo’s 100 Funniest Movies.

Twenty years later, the film still resonates in people’s minds, and new viewers still find it highly relatable. For this reason, the movie has been restored many times, including having anniversary screenings and 4k restorations. This 2024, Stage AE hosts a once-in-a-lifetime film viewing and discussion with stars Jon Heder, who played Napoleon Dynamite; Efren Ramirez, who played Pedro, and Jon Gries, who played Uncle Rico. These actors will have a light-hearted discussion on critical scenes and even share their favorite moments in the film. Lastly, expect a highly coveted Q&A, some improvs, game shows, and a party!

So what else are you waiting for? Hurry and secure tickets to Napoleon Dynamite - Film and Conversation! It’s only available at the Stage AE on Thursday, 18th April 2024!

Napoleon Dynamite - Film and Conversation at Stage AE

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