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The American indie alt-rockers are back with a new rockin' album! Fresh from the shelves, Mom Jeans just released their fourth studio record, "Bear Market". Its 16 tracks were a product of "great songs laying around", and the band definitely crafted them into something so fine. The album features previously-released songs that were redefined and made new. Giving fans a taste of the new music back in July with "Alameda County Fair", they probably just released what became the summer's hottest bop in the indie scene. Moreover, celebrating Bear Market's grand release with reimagined tracks, they're taking it on the road, embarking on a North American tour with Summer Sault and Hunny. Part of their roster of shows for 2024 include a special stop at Stage AE on Sunday, March 24. As one of the country's hottest up and rising indie acts, the midwest emo-inspire group from California cannot be missed. Book your tickets now!

Hailing from Berkeley, California, Mom Jeans found its early days in 2014 at UC Berkely with drummer Austin Carango and lead singer Eric Butler. They worked on an early EP, released in May 2014, and later would become their self-titled debut cassette tape. From acoustic tracks to full-on rockin' instrumentation, Mom Jeans was on a roll. By 2016, the band released its first full-length album, "Best Buds". Over the following years, the band released "Puppy Love" and "Sweet Tooth", leading up to their newest album "Bear Market".

Although, it's important to note that Bear Market is entirely a new record, per se. The 16-track LP is a catalog of renamed and reimagined songs that they've previously released in their earlier records. These include "Death Cup" which is now "death by cup" and "Edward 40hands" which is now "40 hands". It's an interesting way to release a new album, but oh boy, its reimagined tracks hits hard.

"We had all these great songs laying around and we figured we might as well re-record them," Eric Butler shared. "People should really hear this stuff.

You definitely need to. Though filled with familiar songs, it's still one heck of a new sonic experience.

The album follows the release of "Alameda County Fair", Mom Jeans' new single. It definitely gives a taste of what kind of music the band is heading too, sure to brighten up your day. With a tour coming right up, they're definitely sharing new waves of energy. On the tour, you can expect the reimagined tracks be given its live treatment, their best hits, and your ultimate favorites.

On their fourth album, the lads are just having fun. On a journey of continuously developing their craft and their sound, Mom Jeans has a bright future ahead of them. In an interview with UPROXX last year, right before Sweet Tooth came out, Eric shares "Hopefully, we’re just remembered as a band that really loved being a band and making music and playing shows together," asked about how they'd like to be remembered when the world doesn't end in 2050. "I hope we still have the ability to inspire others to start making music or art of their own, and I hope that being a listener of this band will continue to provide a positive and supportive community that allows one to connect with other cool and like-minded people."

Driven by passion and fire in their hearts to rock it all out, Mom Jeans is definitely living in the here and now. They don't need to prove anything, their music and growth speaks for themselves.

As the band takes their poppin' and rockin' music to Stage AE, don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

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