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Are you ready for a Texas style, boot kickin', hard rockin' and loud live show? Well, that's what you're gonna get if you come see Koe Wetzel at Stage AE on Friday, August 23rd, 2024 with Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler. Koe's shows are high energy, wild and loud, and you never really know what's gonna happen, but you know you're gonna have a rockin' good time!

Koe announced that he's hitting the road with brand-new music for his Damn Near Normal World Tour 2024, there hasn't been an actual album announcement yet, but with the release of the single, "Damn Near Normal," followed just a little bit ago by, "9 Lives (Black Cat)," it's a given really! So grab some tickets, and come on down to Pittsburgh's Stage AE and party it up like you've just breached your parole and the fuzz are closin' in!!!

The Damn Near Normal World Tour 2024 spans the United States, where it kicks off in The Woodlands, Texas in July, and takes Koe around the country before heading over to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and finishes up in Copenhagen, Denmark in November. Koe's not going alone, either, supporting acts for the blast around the world include Treaty Oak Revival, Kolby Cooper, Pecos And The Rooftops, Tanner Usrey, Dylan Wheeler, Kat Hasty, and Kolton Moore. With the stop here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Stage AE on August 23rd featuring appearances by Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler.

Koe Wetzel is a bit of a confusing Country Rock star, while headlining Country Thunder, and putting on sold-out shows as far away as Copenhagen, Denmark, and just as easily roll in, and take over at The Woodlands, Texas. Yet, his biggest hit barely made it to 28 on Billboard's country chart! There's definitely something there, though, “Our music is not for the faint of heart,” Koe said in an interview. “Our music is not anything your grandparents or parents might listen to. It's a little raunchy. And we understood that. So we said, 'To hell with everybody, man. We're gonna do everything our own way.'” and followed it shortly with, “We're just a bunch of East Texas drunks that like to play music, man.”

His first major label album, the aptly named, 'Sellout' peaked at a modest 88 on the Billboard 200, but the music, now that didn't change. He followed Sellout with his latest release, Hell Paso, and maybe the fans finally forgave him for going to a major label, climbing to 12 on the Billboard 200 and finally, finally making inroads on the country chart, hitting all the way up to number 3!

Well, Koe Wetzel is back to doing what he does best, taking Country music and making it ROCK! His latest single, "9 Lives (Black Cat)," is the gritty Texas rock sound he broke out with on the album, Harold Saul High. “I always like hitting the listener right in the nose. ‘9 Lives’ is a straight-up rock song, man. I’m influenced by so many genres of music, but with this record, I found myself going back to the Texas country and classic rock that I grew up listening to.” Koe said. Catch the song down below, just remember to turn the volume up all the way first!

Koe Wetzel with special guests, Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler on The Damn Near Normal World Tour 2024. Living it large and loud at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Stage AE on Friday, August 23rd 2024. Hit that "Get Tickets" button, hit it hard, like you mean it!!!

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