Ingrid Michaelson, Magic! & Simple Plan at The Stage AE

Ingrid Michaelson Tickets

The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ingrid Michaelson, Magic! & Simple Plan comes to Stage AE on Sunday 26th June 2016

Cool down this hot summer season to the invigorating acoustic sounds of Ingrid Michaelson, Magic! & Simple Plan. Hot contemporary radio station Mix 105.1 presents Mix 105.1’s Acoustic Summer. If you're feeling temperatures are rising as of late, it is due to the fact that these artists' staunchest followers are agitated and excited to get their hands on tickets to this wildly engrossing show. Beat 'em to the punch before tickets run out. Book your seats now!Ingrid Michaelson, Magic! & Simple Plan at Stage AE

One of the frontrunners of Mix 105.1's Acoustic Summer show is indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ingrid Michaelson. Her initial exposure through television and movie sountracks like One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy brought her to phenomenal heights. Her chart-topping hits include: "The Way I Am" (2007), "Be Okay" (2008), "Maybe" (2009), "Girls Chase Boys" (2014), and "Time Machine" (2015), to name a few.

Fans cannot be rude to them because they absolutely love 'em! That's the incredible power of Magic! This Canadian reggae fusion band will surely be a hit onstage as they dish out all their spellbinding hits.

Another French-Canadian rock band will also be part of this hot summer extravaganza. It is definitely a thrill to hear Simple Plan from start to finish as they perform their greatest hits live –I'm Just a Kid, I'd Do Anything, Addicted, Perfect, Welcome to My Life, Shut Up!, Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?), Crazy, and so much more.

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