Dispatch & O.A.R. Summer Tour 2022 at The Stage AE

Dispatch & O.A.R. Summer Tour 2022 Tickets

The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Freedom fighting and all-round great guys that play awesome music, Dispatch & O.A.R. come to Stage AE on Monday, August 15th, 2022 for the Summer Tour 2022 with special guest G. Love. Buy your tickets now to some exquisitely lean, but energetic live music, a blend of Roots, Reggae and maybe a little Folk-pop, but all chill, and just a few sprinklings of fighting poverty and mass incarceration. It's all in a day's work.

Dispatch & O.A.R. Summer Tour 2022 at Stage AE

From Boston, MA Dispatch are singer, guitarist and bassist Chadwick Stokes and singer, guitarist and drummer Brad Corrigan. They play an infectious blend of roots rock with hints of reggae, folk, and blues, and their productions are similarly lean and energetic, with just a few sprinklings of fighting poverty and mass incarceration, raising funds and awareness for environmental causes, schools and hospitals, while on the road. Their highly anticipated 8th studio album, Break Our Fall, came out in May 2021. The new songs speak not only to Chadwick Stokes’ and Brad Corrigan’s personal evolution, but to human nature itself, charting a course from denial and resistance to growth and acceptance through deep introspection and empathetic character studies. Add to that an exceedingly tense political climate, long-overdue reckonings on racial justice and gender equality, and a runaway global pandemic, and you’ve got Break Our Fall, an album that enriches Dispatch’s distinguished legacy.

O.A.R from Rockville, MD are formed of lead singer and guitarist Marc Roberge, lead guitarist Richard On, drummer Chris Culos, bassist Benj Gershman, and guitarist and sax player Jerry DePizzo. Their eighth studio album came out in March 2019, with a sound that leans more toward Folk-pop than true Reggae, with agreeable melodies and sunny vibes, and the songs come wrapped in a nice blend of acoustic and modern synthetic textures topped off with uplifting backing vocals and harmonies.

Dispatch & O.A.R. Summer Tour 2022 at Stage AE

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