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Get ready to feel the good ol' days of ELECTRIC YOUTH as DEBBIE GIBSON heads back to STAGE AE on Friday, August 2. Turning the summer heat right up, she's taking everyone "Out of the Blue", ready to "Shake Your Love" as she turns up the "Electric Youth" energy. You're set to witness her greatest hits and all-time fan favorites back on the big stage. Releasing her 1987 debut album "Out of the Blue" at the age of 16, her music has become legendary , with hits after hits becoming timeless favorites. Recently, the iconic singer celebrated 35 years of her massively successful sophomore album "Electric Youth" across the world. Raising the energy and taking audiences back in time, it's no wonder she continues to be a beloved artist around the world for her legendary dance-pop hits. Her ELECTRIC YOUTH 35TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW at Stage AE will also feature special guest Color Me Badd. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

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Celebrating the 35th anniversary of her legendary sophomore album "Electric Youth", DEBBIE GIBSON is turning the summer heat right up at STAGE AE. This year, the dance-pop icon is traveling around the globe, taking hits from the timeless LP and her catalog of greatest hits back to the live stage. It's bound to be an all-out party as she shakes the whole venue with her eccentric music.

The LP is one of the best-selling albums of 1989, scoring a 2x Platinum certification from the RIAA. It served her legendary hit singles "No More Rhyme", "We Could Be Together", "Electric Youth", and "Lost in Your Eyes". So, get ready for a fun and emotional night as Debbie takes you back in time. As the beat drops, fond memories and high energy take over the stage.

Moreover, the tracks "Over The Wall", "Who Loves Ya Baby", and "Silence Speaks (a Thousand Words)" are a number of fan-favorite tracks from the said album.

35 years later, ELECTRIC YOUTH continues to make an impact in the industry. Its songs continue to be regular staples on radio playlists, and continues to score hundred of millions of streams on Spotify. Get ready to sing your hearts out and cheer your loudest as DEBBIE GIBSON reigns as the stage's queen for the night.

In 2020, Gibson marked her return to the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with a new single "Girls Night Out". It was part of her 2021 album "The Body Remembers". Her new singles from the album include "Lost in Your Eyes, the Duet" with Joey McIntyre, and "One Step Closer".

In an interview with Classic Pop Magazine, Gibson shares "I always say I was the youngest person who did a bunch of stuff – now I might be the oldest person to do a bunch of stuff! I feel like I’m having a personal rebirth, and this music reflects that. Much like Tina Turner, who had this massive comeback in her 40s – that’s the moment I’m in."

Her career skyrocketed back when she was a teenager, and there's no stopping the woman, with timeless hits up her sleeve, from doing what she loves best. Listening back to her younger self, she shares how it's like looking at a high school yearbook. "Now I listen back I hear all of my enthusiasm, all of that rawness, all of the ambition, all of the joy – I hear that I was still in high school at the time. I can just hear my connection to my peers. I really enjoy listening back," she said.

Celebrating her legendary hits as ELECTRIC YOUTH turns 35, don't miss out on her special show at STAGE AE on August 2, 2024. Book those tickets now!

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