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Charles Wesley Godwin at Stage AE



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When you go to a country concert, you want deep lyrics, some slow songs, a cold one in hand, and performers that just ooze country. Charles Wesley Godwin checks all of those boxes, and he’s coming to Stage AE in Pittsburgh on Friday, 13th September 2024. This promises to be one of those nights that’ll get you slow dancing or standing in the crowd feeling that sense of nostalgia. It may be a great opportunity to dust up the old boots and hat that you have but never wear.

Stage AE is one of those venues where country music can feel like it should. There’s just something about standing around the stage and maybe getting a chance to dance that you won’t necessarily in a theater with a larger seating area. You gotta have room to dance to those slow songs. Having a partner on this night won’t hurt either. Click the get tickets button and make Friday, September 13th, a country music date night.

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Country music is all about love, faith, and family, with some heartbreak sprinkled in for good measure. Charles Wesley Godwin’s latest album, “Family Ties” which he released last year, but is still heavily promoting on this tour has an obvious inspiration. He mentioned that he actually had a hard time coming up with new lyrics until he was able to mentally go back home to West Virginia. That’s when he was able to tap into the things that really matter to him. “All Again” is the song from his latest album, which has had the best reception with fans on streaming platforms. It’ll be a tone-setter for this night in Pittsburgh for sure.

The song talks about missing home; it’s just that sometimes home is that one person! If you’re lucky enough to have that one person for you by your side on this night at Stage AE, hold her hand tight when this song comes on. For anyone who’s going through some emotional turmoil, what better complement to therapy than letting your emotions out at a country music concert on a Friday night? Make sure to bring your non-judgmental friends and just let go on this night! Don’t worry too much, though. Charles Wesley Godwin’s also got tracks to lighten the mood and help you put in some line dancin' if you must. The show, though, could be a roller coaster of emotions. Just what you would expect from a man who oozes country! This mountaineer is just what the doctor ordered for a Friday night out on the town.

Stage AE will likely feature plenty of standing room available for the Charles Wesley Godwin concert on Friday, September 13th. You don’t need to make things more complicated than they need to be. Get your partner and yourself some tickets to access the area right next to the stage. Doors are at 6:30 for this show. It could be a good day to ask the boss for a chance to get off work early. That way, you can get to the stage before doors to claim the best spot on the ground floor. Click the get tickets button today and get ready for a great date night in September.

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