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Bob the Drag Queen at Stage AE



Bob the Drag Queen

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Move over Bianca! There’s a new funny queen in town and it’s about to get people roaring with incredible laughter! Bob the Drag Queen's Wild World Tour is slated to serve over 30 comedy laugh riots in major cities including a grand spankin spectacle in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Prepare to be stunned by Bob the Drag Queen’s big hair, larger than life personality (she's just plain gargantuan) as the comedian, actor, and podcaster belts out a mighty packed spectacle with her many talents and of course a roaring stand-up bit! It’s all bound to conquer Stage AE like a raging storm and if you happen to be a comedy fan, you shouldn’t miss this for the world! The showdown on Wednesday 9th October 2024 is sure to have you laughing until your sides hurt! So be sure to check this one out - it’s an unprecedented live act featuring vet drag star Bob the Drag Queen! It’s sure to be funny as hell, but also fierce and awesome sauce at the same time! So secure your access now before it's too late!

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If you’re up for some top-tier entertainment, there’s no need to look beyond the horizon. It’s coming right into town in the form of a glamorously loud drag queen! Season Eight Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen is finally hitting the road and will serve one of the biggest outings of her life! The prolific host, performer, and actor will be showing off many talents, for her quick witted remarks, stunning lewks, and of course, a stand-up comedy act that made her win the reality competition series in the first place. Just so you know, when a drag queen’s main act is comedy, then be prepared to be read to filth. The ones sitting out in the front are not safe, but if you happen to be a fan, we’re sure one of your absolute goals in life is to be roasted by the queen herself!

So catch on this terrific spectacle as Bob the Drag Queen serve fierceness galore, uber extra looks, and sensational comedy that will have you laughing like a rabid hyena. Hosting shows and entertaining is definitely a breeze for Bob, as you can see from her many podcasts. But also her experience in touring, even before she debuted as a reality TV star, has proven that she’s a brilliant live act. Not only is she slated to deliver one of the biggest tours of her career, she’s also making history as the first Black Drag Race alum to achieve an immense commercial success. Clearly, her talents and efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as Bob has secured numerous prestigious awards and nominations, including multiple GLAAD Media Awards, a Peabody Award, and a Webby Award.

As Bob the Drag conquers Stage AE, fans should be prepared for top caliber entertainment. There will absolutely be no dull moments. You’ll be laughing up a storm, and we can’t guarantee that you’ll be maintaining your composer for this one! So let loose and enjoy savagery at its finest. So be sure to be there when the queen arrives – it’s about to get wild up in here!

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