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American country singer-songwriter known for her rock & roll swag, Ashley McBryde, is hitting the stage. With an upcoming fourth studio record stirring excitement from her rockin' country fans across the globe, the singer gave listeners a taste of what to expect with her newest single "Light On in the Kitchen". Taking on the Devil in her newest record, she just announced her newest trek in support of "The Devil I Know". The trek kicks off in the US this fall, set to serve an astounding night at Stage AE on Thursday, November 30th before making its way to the UK. The "Girl Going Nowhere" queen is definitely marking her path as one of the industry's hottest rising country stars. From demos and self-released records, she found her breakthrough in 2017 with her official debut single "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega". From then on, she amassed rave reviews from critics for her succeeding records and bagged various awards and nominations. Daring to raise hell on her upcoming album, make sure to introduce yourselves to The Devil I Know on tour by booking your tickets now!

Known for her rock & roll vibes and attitudes blended with her country-focused lyrical melodies, Ashley McBryde is one of the scene's hottest rising country stars. Breaking out with her hit debut single "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" off of her acclaimed debut LP "Girl Going Nowhere", she's definitely going places this time around!

Expected to release her upcoming album "The Devil I Know" this September, McBryde just announced her massive headlining tour in support of the record. Its US trek kicks off this fall right before heading to the UK. Raising hell in her upcoming album, it's definitely 'gonna be one hot rockin' tour to watch out for.

"About time this devil hits the road for a proper run of shows... " the singer shared. "The Devil I Know Tour presented by @Ariat kicks off in the States this October, then we're finally headed back to the UK,"

Along the way, she's bringing some special friends to support her trek. The roster includes Corey Kent, Bella White, Harper O'Neill, JD Clayton, Kasey Tyndall, Will Jones, and Zach Top. "Y'all... I can't wait for this one," she concluded.

Giving fans a taste of what to expect from "The Devil I Know", the singer dropped her newest songs "Light On in the Kitchen" and "Learned to Lie" ahead of its full release. The former track pays homage to female figures in her life who became her safe spaces. "While writing this, we were all able to look back and remember the women in our lives who comforted us, gave us advice, and made sure we knew we had a place to go," she shared as cited from a feature in Rolling Stone.

In "Learned to Lie", McBryde spills some tea, a dose of family secrets. With a new record aimed at countering loud opinions tossed her way, she's facing all of them head-on. "Y’all are too country.’ We leaned into that – more country it is," McBryde narrates in a statement. "Y’all are awfully rock leaning for a country artist.’ Is that so? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. ‘Last thing y’all need is another tender, finger pickin’ song.’ Oh? Tender makes you uneasy, cowboy? I hear you. Let’s see how much more tender we can be."

Turning it all up, we're definitely down for a rockin' country record that's set to defy expectations. Known for her honest tales and catchy hooks, we're all set to raise some hell for "The Devil I Know".

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