Volbeat & Killswitch Engage at The Stage AE

Volbeat & Killswitch Engage Tickets

The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Danish group, Volbeat & American Metalcore act, Killswitch Engage have announced a massive joint tour and will be showcasing their rock anthems at Stage AE on Thursday 11th August 2016! This night is bound to be huge with a very varied mix of genre's yet powerful and mindblowing riffs that will leave you blown away…

Volbeat & Killswitch Engage at Stage AE

"After the instrumental introduction “Let’s Shake Some Dust” that would easily fit on a country rock album or the score of a modern Western movie, the band kicks the album off with the catchy “Pearl Hart” that represents everything the band stands for. The riffs are powerful but never aggressive, the guitar harmonies are beautiful but not that memorable, the rhythm section with drums and bass guitar is audibly solid yet inoffensive and the charismatic vocals that sound like a mixture of James Hetfield and Elvis Presley are really charming and catchy."

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