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The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kick those Monday blues away with emo-screamo music. Shout and let it all out as American post-hardcore rock band Thrice is set to crash, boom, bang onstage at the Stage AE on Monday 3rd February 2020. After their self-imposed hiatus in 2012, Thrice regrouped in 2015 and has been at the top of their game since. From releasing singles, albums, and touring the concert circuit, Thrice continues to slay it with their crackling guitar distortions, complex time signatures, and off-the-roof guitar solos. From 1999 up until their 3-year hiatus, fans stayed where they are and even mushroomed with new recruits. With the announcement of this concert, don't expect fans to just take it sitting down… but you can! No need to leave your seat, you can book your tickets right at your fingertips. Yes, click the 'buy tickets' button on this website, and with a few more easy clicks, that's it–you're all set to see Thrice live!

Thrice at Stage AE

From Irvine, California, circa 1998, a group of youngsters decided to form a band. Dustin Kensrue performs lead vocals, rhythm guitar and piano. Teppei Teranishi plays lead guitar and glockenspiel. Eddie Breckenridge performs on the bass guitar. Riley Breckenridge is the band's drummer. Teppei Teranishi and Eddie Breckenridge both perform backing vocals as well. With all systems in place, they decided to go for it and named themselves Thrice.

Known for their "fast, hard music based in heavily distorted guitars, prominent lead guitar lines, and frequent changes in complex time signatures" (source: Wikipedia), Thrice put themselves in genre or music categories between Post-hardcore, alternative rock, experimental rock, emo, art rock, melodic hardcore.

The band went into a self-imposed hiatus in 2012, then regrouped in 2015. Thrice has released 10 studio albums to date. Indeed, Thrice rocks hard — music is solid, and lyrics are jam-packed with meaning and even brimming with inspiration.

“In this age of upheaval and division, my hope is that the youth will manifest the courage and love necessary to hold up a light and illuminate a new path forward, to embody a better story than the one that perpetuates fear and violence,” said frontman Dustin Kensrue of the message of their latest album "Palms" with the lead single ‘Hold Up A Light‘.

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Thrice at Stage AE

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