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Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Queens Of The Stone Age

Brace for a seismic night as rock legends, Queens Of The Stone Age, storm Stage AE on August 5th, 2023. Originating from California's Palm Desert, they've redefined rock music under the compelling leadership of Josh Homme. Their distinctive sound, blending varied genres, has birthed anthems like No One Knows and Go With The Flow, resonating worldwide. Stage AE's backdrop of Pittsburgh's skyline sets the scene for a concert promising exhilarating moments under the summer night sky. With critically acclaimed albums, including Grammy-nominated ...Like Clockwork, and collaborations with industry titans, their contribution to rock is undeniable. This concert presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness their captivating live performance. So, grab your tickets for a musical journey that promises soul-stirring experiences and sensory delights. Prepare to be mesmerized by Queens Of The Stone Age's unflinching talent and their unforgettable night of music.

Prepare for a pulsating night of raw energy as the hard rock titans, Queens Of The Stone Age, descend upon Stage AE on Saturday, August 5th, 2023. With their origins in Palm Desert, California, this legendary band has been a dominant force in the rock scene, casting a hypnotic spell over global audiences with their invigorating tunes and visceral lyrics.

Commandeered by the charismatic and ever-creative Josh Homme, Queens Of The Stone Age have etched an indelible mark in the annals of rock music. With an audacious approach, they've deftly merged eclectic genres, crafting a sound that's unequivocally their own. Iconic tracks such as No One Knows and Go With The Flow have evolved into gritty anthems of defiance and individuality, resonating deeply with a legion of fans worldwide.

Stage AE, with its mesmerizing view of Pittsburgh's sparkling skyline, provides an exemplary setting for a concert experience that's guaranteed to send shockwaves of exhilaration through your being. Immerse yourself in the ethereal, yet raucous soundscape of Queens Of The Stone Age, under the resplendent summer night sky.

The incredible strides of Queens Of The Stone Age in their musical journey are a testament to their momentous impact on the rock landscape. Their string of critically acclaimed albums, including the Grammy-nominated ...Like Clockwork, and collaborations with industry giants like Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan underscore their innovative musicianship. Their tenacious commitment and innate talent have not only earned them critical accolades, but also an intensely passionate fan base that eagerly awaits every new release from the band.

This concert is an exclusive opportunity to witness the spellbinding magnetism of Queens Of The Stone Age in a live setting. Hurry and secure your tickets for an evening bursting with phenomenal music and emotionally rich performances. Join us at Stage AE on the evening of Saturday, August 5th, 2023, for a phenomenal musical expedition that promises to ignite your soul and jolt your senses. Get set to be utterly transfixed by the undeniable talent and artistic mastery of Queens Of The Stone Age as they conduct an unforgettable night of hard-hitting music.

Queens Of The Stone Age at Stage AE

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