Korn at The Stage AE

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The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Get ready for a night of music of genres across the board, metalheads – and listen up, everyone else! Korn come to Stage AE on Wednesday 10th May 2017. They're bringing with them as support are the intense Animals As Leaders and the incredible Ded – it's going to be a high-energy night of moshing, headbanging, and screaming till your lungs hurt!! This show will sell out fast so grab your tickets NOW!!
Korn at Stage AE

Korn, simply put, are a band that take expectations and beat audiences around the head with them. The second you think you know what they're about, they turn around and do something completely different – and it's ALWAYS amazing. Even their appearance seems somewhat cobbled together, drawing from styles as diverse as metal to funk, and indeed, Korn self-identify as a funk band – just that little bit heavier.

Djent act Animals As Leaders would be expected to have a very specific appeal, being 100% instrumental prog rock, but the fact that they're touring with Korn, a band who know no boundaries when it comes to their sound or to reaching fans of every background, age, gender and race, should speak volumes as to their accessibility. DED, on the other hand, are a classic opener for Korn, as an nu metal revival act. Aggressive, vicious and to-the-point, DED's music says f*** you very clearly with a raw simplicity that pure metal fans will love.

Don't miss out on this adrenatline-fuelled eclectic metal night that will leave your ears ringing and your head buzzing – get those tickets while you still can!!

Korn at Stage AE

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