King Princess at The Stage AE

King Princess Tickets

The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Stage AE is thrilled to be presenting King Princess as a part of their 2022 tour on Tuesday the 11th of October 2022 for an evening full of great, punchy and catchy music. King Princess will wow you with their ethereal yet strong vocals and honest, blunt lyrics, mixing the handling of difficult issues with bopping beats and catchy melodies. You can be there on the 11th of October to experience King Princess’ live performance by simply booking your tickets! It is easy to do and you will have access to the best seats available, so do not delay and book yours now!

King Princess at Stage AE

Join King Princess on their 2022 tour, a tour that is supporting and celebrating their soon to-be-released ‘Hold On Baby’ studio album. Their first 2 single releases from the album, ‘Little Brother’ and ‘For My Friends’, have both touched emotional nerves with fans, empowering people with their own experiences and making them feel understood. King Princess brilliantly blends the heartache and emotion that comes with the strong ties we have with people in our lives, and how these ties can break or face trials. King Princess’ vocals always give emotion and have an ethereal quality, yet also hold strength and durability that convey how we can all be fragile and strong. King Princess’ previous releases have taken the music world by storm, their unapologetic and blunt honesty challenging social pressures and assumptions, but also giving fans tracks that have groovy beats and striking melodies. Their debut studio album, ‘Cheap Queen’, received widespread critical acclaim, and tracks, such as ‘Hit The Back’ and ‘Prophet’, have become anthems in King Princess’ catalogue. Her 2022 tour promises to give live performances of newer material that will become classics in their repertoire and give audiences a timely reminder that despite the challenges we face as people, time makes life human.

King Princess at Stage AE

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