Halsey at The Stage AE

Halsey Tickets

The Stage AE | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Halsey comes to Stage AE on Tuesday 9th August 2016

Her teen-icy-cool image makes her so mystically appealing. But there's more to Halsey than meets the eye. This indie-electropop singer-songwriter oozes with intense passion and dazzles audiences with her honesty and impassioned energy that would give audiences shivers and goosebumps. Her viral video performances and music streamed on the internet are truly captivating that you can't help but yearn to experience a live performance. That's wish granted for you! Halsey is on the road and getting on the live stage to give-in to her most ardent fans hearts' desire. If you are not quick enough, you'll be missing out on a spectacular performance from one of today's hottest breakout stars. Act fast; get your tickets now!Halsey at Stage AE

The prodigious talent of Halsey evolves around her ability to play the violin, viola, cello, and acoustic guitar. Songwriting is also one of her most solid strengths. With these, she is now reaping adulation, admiration, and accolades. The power of social media amplified her giftedness for all the world to discover, see, hear, and experience, In 2004, a recording, uploading and streaming of her song 'Ghost', awakened the attention of listeners as well as offers for a record deal. Halsey, so far, has released a debut EP titled 'Room 93' in 2014, and her debut studio album 'Badlands' in 2015.

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